What’s The Difference Between “Long Island Iced Tea” And “Long Blockchain”?

What’s in a name? While Shakespeare, via classic play “Romeo and Juliet,” would claim that a rose would still smell as sweet even if we called it “skunkweed”, comic strip “Bloom County” once wondered if John Kennedy would still be JOHN KENNEDY if he were born “Mortimer Dipthong.” Turns out there’s more to a name than you might think, as the Long Island Iced Tea Corp. recently changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp, and saw its stock price soar.

In a move that calls back to the dot-com frenzy that defined large portions of the 1990s, Long Island Iced Tea Corp. made the name change, and saw its stock price surge 300 percent in just one day. It wasn’t just an idle name change, either; the company actually plans to put more focus into blockchain technology, essentially the underpinnings of many common cryptocurrencies.
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Francesca Marocchino

Francesca is greatly interested by the blockchain technology and how to make the best use of it. She likes to study the positive and negative impact new technologies can have on our lives. Also very passionate about the IOT and the development of smart cities, she believes we can all innovate to shape our future and preserve our planet at the same time.