Has your browser been hijacked to mine cryptocurrency?

The recent surge in cryptocurrency prices could give website administrators a new way to monetize and allow them to get rid of annoying banner ads. This potentially less intrusive revenue source is called “passive cryptocurrency mining.” It enables a site to levy the power of a user’s machine to mine currency. However, abuse of the technology, often referred to as browser cryptojacking, needs to stop first.
Several websites have recently been caught using a cryptocurrency miner on their site without notifying or asking for users’ consent first. What this small piece of code does is force the CPUs of visitors to the site to mine the cryptocurrency Monero for the site owners. Monero is, ironically, focused on user privacy and security, but it is the coin of choice for these miner scripts as it’s the most popular coin that can be mined on your CPU.
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David Eidelwein

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David follows the content related to Blockchain technology for Talan Innovation. Skilled as business analyst and project manager in banking sector, he is particularly interested in the impact of blockchain technology on organizations and its use case. David contributes to Talan Innovation content since December 2016

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