What Is BlockCAT?

There are many different projects in blockchain technology and the Ethereum ecosystem. BlockCAT is one of the more intriguing projects for people who wish to explore the concept of smart contracts. Right now, creating or managing a smart contract requires some advanced knowledge of the Solidity language. BlockCAT makes that a lot easier by removing the need for programming altogether.
Smart Contract Deployment Without Coding
It always sounds intriguing when someone says you can wield innovative technology without having any previous knowledge. Hardly any consumer knows how to build applications for a smartphone, but thanks to convenient user interfaces, we can do the most amazing things with apps these days. The same concept might soon apply to smart contracts, a new type of technology gaining in popularity mostly thanks to the Ethereum ecosystem. However, the technology is not unique to Ethereum, and it will soon be available to Bitcoin users as well.
BlockCAT wants to play a big role in the world of smart contracts moving forward. This particular project aims to make the technology more accessible to everyday users, regardless of their previous coding knowledge.
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David Eidelwein

Rédacteur en chef Blockchain at Talan
David follows the content related to Blockchain technology for Talan Innovation. Skilled as business analyst and project manager in banking sector, he is particularly interested in the impact of blockchain technology on organizations and its use case. David contributes to Talan Innovation content since December 2016