TokenCard: An Ethereum Smart Contract Powered Debit Card

TokenCard wants you to know about their vision of what the Ethereum economy is going to look like. In the mind of Mel Gelderman, the founder of the project, ETH and other ERC20 tokens will no longer be assets that are primarily transferred between exchanges or traded back and forth for BTC by speculative investors looking to make a quick profit. The key to bringing the Ethereum economy past speculation and into public awareness is to make it usable in peoples’ daily lives. This means being able to swipe your card at the grocery store, tap to pay at the gas pump, order stuff online, and pay for your Netflix subscription as easily as you can with your bank card.

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TokenCard developers envision a future where everyone is able to effortlessly spend any affiliated tokens to execute transactions without having to convert between different crypto or fiat currencies.

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David Eidelwein

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