How To Fix The Internet Of Things Security Mess

October’s massive DDoS attack was yet another reminder of the poor state of Internet of Things (IoT) security. The main culprit of the attack was a huge IoT botnet—a network of compromised connected devices being commanded by hackers—which took down services that granted access to millions of users to major sites such as Twitter, Netflix, PayPal and Spotify.

There’s presently a lot of frustration surrounding who is to blame for the mess and general concern over whether the IoT industry is a failure threatening to destabilise the entire internet infrastructure.

The truth is that, at this stage, the IoT security conundrum is a complicated equation that can’t be solved by any single party. IoT security concerns everyone, even those who don’t own IoT devices or don’t know what it is, and it is a problem that needs to be addressed through concerted efforts by all the stakeholders—that means all of us.
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