MOST DAYS, THE Bentonville Municipal Airport in Arkansas is a pretty quiet place, servicing the occasional small private airplanes that pass through, or one or two business jets, most likely visiting the area’s largest employer—Walmart, which has its headquarters in town. But earlier this month, it saw a sudden influx. The sleek business jets started arriving in Bentonville on Thursday. By Friday, a dozen of the things were smartly lined up on the ramp, wingtip to wingtip.

That night, an aerobatic plane pulled high-G maneuvers over the runway during a private airshow, right in front of the open hangar where the men and women who’d flown in on those jets, joined by a few dozen more who’d flown commercial, were having dinner. About 10 minutes into the routine, a fierce storm rolled in. The pilot landed, the party moved inside, and the hangar door slammed shut.
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Charlotte Marek

Charlotte takes great interest in new technologies and the startup world and believes that with the right innovations we can change the world we live in for the best. She is also greatly interested in the publishing sector. She speaks French, English, Spanish, studies Italian and has had the opportunity to work in various countries over the last few years.