How IoT Is Reshaping the Future of Heavy Industry

From the handheld Black Hornets to the 40-meter wingspan of the Global Hawk and beyond, unmanned aircraft systems have already revolutionized warfare. At the same time, self-driving cars are bound to overhaul ground transportation. Look no further than Alphabet Inc.’s (i.e., Google’s) Waymo and the fresh, out-of-the-box robot taxi called Zoom.

With new developments in autonomous transportation happening at sea and on land, IoT is reshaping heavy industry. The growing network of IoT systems integrating Big Data and AI is changing not only the way we travel but also the way we ship goods. Heavy industry is on the cusp of a revolution. Let’s look at two breakthrough IoT solutions for the freight and mining industries to understand better how IoT is reshaping heavy industry for tomorrow’s world.
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Charlotte Marek

Charlotte takes great interest in new technologies and the startup world and believes that with the right innovations we can change the world we live in for the best. She is also greatly interested in the publishing sector. She speaks French, English, Spanish, studies Italian and has had the opportunity to work in various countries over the last few years.

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