Exploring the age of wireless power with IoT

Anti-interference, low latency, low power consumption and easy evolution eLTE-DSA explores the age of wireless power IoT.

By Wei Ke-Tai, Huawei Enterprise Wireless Marketing Support Department

In our current and ongoing technology and industrial revolution, combined with accelerating urbanisation, industrial structures are being optimised and upgraded. In concert, the scale of the power grid continues to expand due to the integration of distributed energy, charging piles that help improve assurance capability, power supply reliability and power quality of urban distribution networks.

Governments the world over are working to promote an energy production and consumption revolution. The goal is to build a highly efficient, clean and environmentally friendly smart grid system that fully supports the construction of the modern energy system. One example is the EU 20-20-20 plan that seeks to increase energy efficiency 20% by 2020, reduce CO2 emissions 20% and increase the proportion of distributed renewable energy by 20%. Britain, Germany and France also have clear requirements for renewable energy and electric vehicles.
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