Research for Reforms on Blockchain Smart Contract Laws Begins in UK

The UK Law Commission wants to ensure the laws surrounding smart contracts are relevant to the current ecosystem.

The UK Law Commission, an independent body, set up by British Parliament, announced on Thursday that it is investigating reforms into blockchain-based smart contracts, with the aim to bring legal clarity.

According to the statement, the independent agency conducted some initial research into the laws surrounding smart contracts and found that a more thorough project was needed. It aims to ensure that the law is flexible enough to apply in a global digital context and to identify any areas that need to be improved.

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Francesca Marocchino

Francesca is greatly interested by the blockchain technology and how to make the best use of it. She likes to study the positive and negative impact new technologies can have on our lives. Also very passionate about the IOT and the development of smart cities, she believes we can all innovate to shape our future and preserve our planet at the same time.