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May The Firm With The Best (Not Most) Data Win

At a conceptual level, companies understand the potential impact the Internet of Things (IoT) can have on their business. Not only can IoT help companies cut costs and operate more efficiently, but the insights gleaned from IoT data can also help develop innovative products and services that feed entirely new revenue streams. IoT execution, however, is another matter.

Forbes Insights and Hitachi Vantara recently conducted research on the state of IoT, and while more than 90% of the 502 executives surveyed said IoT would be important to the future of their business, only half had significant IoT programs in place, and a large portion of those were still in the early planning stages. Even among those who had IoT programs in place, only 42% said those initiatives were meeting or exceeding expectations.

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Charlotte Marek

Charlotte takes great interest in new technologies and the startup world and believes that with the right innovations we can change the world we live in for the best. She is also greatly interested in the publishing sector. She speaks French, English, Spanish, studies Italian and has had the opportunity to work in various countries over the last few years.

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