PayPal is sitting on the edge of a cliff. While they once brought innovation to the world of digital payments, the company is behind the curve when it comes to the next generation of digital payment technology. They are also looking at the departure of eBay as a partner, which will undoubtedly hurt them over the next few years.

When PayPal started up more than two decades ago, there weren’t any other options for making online payments. Now the world is teeming with ways to settle payments online, many of which offer clear advantages over PayPal’s dated business model.

Then there are the fees. PayPal has been pigging out on their clients’ money. They may have picked up some bad habits from their banking partners because they charge way too much to shuffle data around. All of this ends up looking pretty bleak for the company, but if they embrace the pioneering spirit that put them on the map to begin with, they may be able to turn themselves around before it is too late.
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Charlotte Marek

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