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Using Artificial Intelligence to address society’s real-life problems

Given its wide and growing range of capabilities and applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be effectively used to improve the state of public healthcare in many parts of the world. And while AI is being increasingly used in clinics to treat individual patients, its application in public health systems has been far less in comparison. From my experience of studying the social impact of computing in developing worlds and multiple areas of public health, I strongly believe that AI can strengthen public health systems and transform medical logistics.

AI can, for instance, supplement the ongoing worldwide efforts to improve immunization logistics and ensure adequate supply of vaccines for children at every local health centre. It can also address many other issues that surround the vaccine cold chain; for instance, the challenge of storing the vaccines at the right temperature in fully operational refrigerators. AI can open ways to improve every aspect of logistics, from transport to storage. Effective application of AI, however, is possible only if the intervening organizations are armed with a combination of relevant government data and advanced AI analytics.
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Charlotte Marek

Charlotte takes great interest in new technologies and the startup world and believes that with the right innovations we can change the world we live in for the best. She is also greatly interested in the publishing sector. She speaks French, English, Spanish, studies Italian and has had the opportunity to work in various countries over the last few years.

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