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The State Of Tech In 3 Graphs: Artificial Intelligence, The Cloud And Your Money

Mary Meeker is a legend in Silicon Valley.  Why? Because every year, she comes out with what many think is the most complete and thorough analysis of the technology industry. Now, Mary and her team do impeccable work: her presentations are full of great graphs, her slides full of data…and you have to believe that her insights come from hours of researching the industry and listening to the thousands of entrepreneurs that come to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (Meeker’s employer) for investments.

There is one problem though.  The research pack is long and dense.  The presentation she shared at last week’s 2018 Code Conference is 294 slides long.  The conference gave her a half an hour to go through her content. That’s almost criminal to the data.

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Charlotte Marek

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