When Cryptocurrency Goes Green, Blockchain Can Save the Environment

It is hard to imagine a world without air conditioners, vehicles or the internet. Technology has had a great impact on our world and the people who inhibit the earth today. People are living longer because technology has allowed medical research to advance. Those people are able to live anywhere in the world, in any type of housing imaginable and are able to do things that even 30 years ago seemed impossible. And technology advancements do not appear to be stopping anytime in the near future.  Even though technology has advanced our capabilities and allowed us to live fuller lives, it does come with a price.

One of the greatest technological advances known to man was the invention of electricity. Now, hundreds of years later, almost everything we do requires electricity. And as we do more and more, we need more and more of it. Unfortunately, producing that electricity which helps us live better lives can be detrimental to the environment. Most of our electricity is generated from non-renewable sources that pollute our air and water.
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Francesca Marocchino

Francesca is greatly interested by the blockchain technology and how to make the best use of it. She likes to study the positive and negative impact new technologies can have on our lives. Also very passionate about the IOT and the development of smart cities, she believes we can all innovate to shape our future and preserve our planet at the same time.

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