The Great Indian Blockchain Migration has begun

What do you do when all those you interact with in your business are suddenly made out of your bounds? You search desperately for a place where transactions with your ecosystem are permitted.

That is precisely what actors in India’s blockchain ecosystem – developers, services providers, and other companies – are doing by moving bag and baggage to crypto-friendly destinations or at least seriously considering the option. The migration has been triggered by various moves of the Indian government to ring-fence all things cryptocurrency in the country as a result of which fledgling blockchain players here are looking for more friendly places.
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Francesca Marocchino

Francesca is greatly interested by the blockchain technology and how to make the best use of it. She likes to study the positive and negative impact new technologies can have on our lives. Also very passionate about the IOT and the development of smart cities, she believes we can all innovate to shape our future and preserve our planet at the same time.

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