Rotterdam aims to be the most IoT-connected port on the planet

This week in IoT, the Dutch city of Rotterdam stated its ambition to be the most IoT-connected port around, while Ford plans to build an autonomous police car.

It was a massive week for internet of things (IoT) technology in Ireland with the establishment of a €14.5m nationwide research programme to test connected sensors and systems in the country’s urban areas.

The project will see one of the largest collaborations of its kind between academia and industry, with dozens of companies contributing a total of €4.5m, including Intel, Huawei and SMEs such as Cork-based Accuflow.

Meanwhile, Kerry-based Dairymaster announced a €2m R&D partnership with IT Tralee and software research centre Lero to develop intelligent autonomous systems for farms, for the benefit of milk quality and animal health.

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Charlotte Marek

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