Data: The 4-letter word underpinning artificial intelligence

It’s 2017, and everywhere you turn artificial intelligence is being touted in some portentous- or potentially overhyped- way.  AI is the future. So is the cloud. And SaaS. Plus DaaS. Throw in machine learning and you’ll change the world.

But what is actually holding these tools together on the back-end?  More often than not, it’s data.  So, it’s data that we should be thinking about before we even start talking about the “sexy” stuff.
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Sami Mebazaa

Innovation Director at Talan
Sami is eager to create a spirit of innovation in the Talan community - including consultants, clients and other stakeholders. In this mission, Sami has worked as the Director of Innovation at Talan since 2010. He strongly believes that the problems we encounter on a daily basis are the source of inspiration for innovation.

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