Whilst most businesses don’t earn revenue by processing data, they do spend a large amount of their hard earned revenue in manually processing data, validating it and ultimately performing manual tasks that don’t scale.

But at what point does this manual involvement become a burden of cost upon your business? And really how much manual involvement should be required?

Take payment fraud for example. According to the 2015 Merchant Risk Council (MRC) Global Fraud Survey, merchants typically manually review 10-15% of online orders. Other reports suggest that as many as 26% of eCommerce orders are manually reviewed.

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Sami Mebazaa

Innovation Director at Talan
Sami is eager to create a spirit of innovation in the Talan community - including consultants, clients and other stakeholders. In this mission, Sami has worked as the Director of Innovation at Talan since 2010. He strongly believes that the problems we encounter on a daily basis are the source of inspiration for innovation.

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