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The Problems with Smart Home Security

The Problems with Smart Home Security are complicated. Without even darkening the doorway, someone has burglarized your home. And there were no broken windows, no crowbars, no ski masks or vinyl gloves –  just a hacker with a digital key to, say, your fancy new thermostat, toaster, or TV.

So-called smart technology might be making individual home appliances more connected, but it’s also making the homes themselves more porous, with integrated networks vulnerable to a range of attacks from virtual intruders. Chances are, if you were the first one on the block to snag this tech, you’ve got something worth protecting in that bungalow (or mansion) of yours. And if so, it’s best not to think of that phone in your pocket (the one that grants access to your doors, heating system, garage, etc.) as a simple remote control as much as the brain of your entire home – something subject to mind control if ever a good hacker-hypnotist comes a-knocking.
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Sami Mebazaa

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